Tuesday, March 19, 2013


It's been a while since I've given an update about what's next for End Result.

The 2nd release, Insurrection's 2013 Demo tapes, should be ready in the next few weeks. You can catch Insurrection play in Philly on that same show Grower is playing with Beartrap on Thursday, April 4th.

4/04 - Beartrap (MA), Grower, Hate Vacation, Insurrection (NJ), Manbeast @ Sriracha Castle


And for the 3rd End Result release, a run of 100 cassette tapes for Braille's Four Adult Males EP. Following on the notion that Insurrection captures of 90s hardcore taken on with a mindful approach, Braille plays a similar style but one with many unique, distinguishable elements to it. Four Adult Males is a jammer and a half right out of West Philadelphia, and Braille is one of those bands with a powerful live performance to complement their already heavy-hitting recorded material. In a follow-up to their summer 2012 demo, Four Adult Males is easily the most riff-filled 12 minutes of recorded audio I've heard to date. You can preview the 3rd track off their EP, Invitation to Love, from their bandcamp which I've linked to below.

There is no world for you, we can't have it all.
The things we want, we make to break.
Wash my hands in the water, soak my tongue in the blood. Just to let you in.
I have no soul to sell, no cross to climb.
The guilt we share, you will never know.
Wash my hands in the water, soak my tongue in the blood. Just to let you in,
but why try so hard just to die alone.  

Braille is also playing these shows in Philly in the near future:

3/23 - Drums Like Machine Guns, Braille, Heavy Medical, Opposable Thumbs, Vibe Runner @ Vox Populi

4/03 - Waxeater, Braille, Boroughs, Hypoxia @ JR's Bar

If you use tumblr, follow what else they'e up to over at http://brailleofphiladelphia.tumblr.com/.

More details and official release info to follow.

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