Friday, April 5, 2013


Insurrection and Braille both played a show with Manbeast, Hate Vacation, and Xanax last night at Sriracha Castle in North Philly. All of the bands played well and a show patron got naked in the pit. Too punk for comfort, to say the least.

Last night in North Philly

Braille's Four Adult Males, Insurrection's 2013 Demo, and tapes of Less Life's side of the upcoming split with Dying were all released at the show as well. Braille is playing a show tonight in Brooklyn as well as tomorrow night in Virginia, and they will have 50 copies of the tapes at those shows and future shows.

All releases are currently in stock and available in the webstore.

The first webstore order was placed this afternoon, and it was by Oliver Choblet of Thiais, Ile-de-France.
Thank you so much.

In addition to the newest End Result releases being available in the webstore, tour presses of Grower's self-titled cassette are also up. Additionally, releases by Hydrogen Man Records have been added to the distro. These include tape copies of Dialogues - A Benefit For Chenoa Manor Animal Sanctuary and Dying - Quitter//Lonely Parallax.

Grower - Tour Tape /50

 Dialogues: Benefit compilation tape /200

 Dying - Side of Split w/Dying /100

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