Thursday, February 20, 2014

UPDATE: 02/20/2014

A long overdue update comes in form of a new tape release as well as announcements for several upcoming releases:

Firstly, a demo tape is now available for a new band from Philadelphia called Disinterest. The recordings can be listened to on bandcamp and tapes will be available for purchase at their first show, tonight at the Golden Teahouse in west Philly, as well as online.

Secondly , an announcement for the release of a split 7" between Dying from Philadelphia and Woodwork from France. This idea has been in the works since last September, but the release is now slotted for April 1st. Pre-orders will be available soon.

Lastly for now, albeit this was released last autumn and never formally announced, copies of Funeral Rites are still available online and will also be available at Disinterest's first show.

More information available under RELEASES.


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