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Known for his work in renowned post-punk duo Lebanon Hanover, William Maybelline's solo output comes under the moniker of Qual.

Whereas Lebanon Hanover primarily adheres to the conventions of coldwave, Qual explores a much darker and gloomier soundscape of minimal synth. Best described by Maybelline himself with a bandcamp tag of "funeral doom", everything about this release from synthesizer tone to vocal delivery is absolutely haunting.

"Centuries of sorrow drenched in gloomy electronics that palpitate like human passions."

Stream a track, pre-order the tape, and continue further for a brief interview with Maybelline.

ER: Where do you currently reside? Does geographic location bear influence on your artistic output?
      WM: Recently Athens was one of the the last cities on the tour, We were here in June. after leaving, it pulled me back since July. Although moving between cities for the coming months i will still reside here for the rest of the year. It is very important i have a place to set up my equipment, so as i move i end up using some grand diner table or just what ever holds, from there i usually forget my surroundings, thus vanishing into some ethereal septic vortex.

ER: Who are you influenced by in music? In writing?
      WM: Lately soundtracks from movies by Jörg Buttgereit. Poe, Rimbaud are just some of the writers i enjoy but i am also influenced by just single words i here from a friend or in a movie.

ER: What type of synthesizer do you use to get such a grim overtone?
      WM: I am using, Arturia - Microbrute, & Minibrute SE but most synthesizers can give such an effect. its all about how one uses it.

ER: The only description you offer on your bandcamp page is "SOLO DECAY." Qual is sometimes used as an abbreviation for the word quality, do you feel that your work with this project is an effort to turn your focus inward and examine your individual qualities?
      WM: When i started this project, i never had in mind any relation to the word quality it is literally as it is in a the German language - it's true meaning is everything to me. Nothing more. This project is purely my own tastes, views, feelings. And to have it as a whole i need full control of composing.

ER: Lebanon Hanover did an 11 day tour of Europe in May, how did it go?
      WM: It went very well, for me the most enjoyable tour we ever did. Seeing so many friends that had been developed through tours from the past. Having drivers this time and people to help with merchandise was a huge help. It was always just us two in the past, doing everything. Were very pleased with how things are now.

ER: Last LH-related question. On the track Cadaverously Quaint off Why Not Just Be Solo?, your lyrics begin, "I am a mannequin, a prototype of tomorrow's man." Mannequins are often neutral in appearance. Is this song an extension of your desire to present yourself in an androgynous and neutral form, or is it an expression more deeply rooted in scorn for gender identity and stigmas that have been cast upon males of today by the words and actions of "yesterday's man"?
      WM: It is in the air, when you walk the streets and cities. It seems mandatory to be a common man. But I do not class myself as one, I like to think further; at least experiment with appearance and remain open. It is a stab at the modern man. Modern living. To be a mannequin is to look after your appearance some how, use face creams, look after your skin. Comb your hair. I am not explaining the song, this is just some guidelines/ a summary.

ER: A recurring theme in Lebanon Hanover is the aim to recapture the importance of togetherness, but what are you ultimately trying to convey individually with Qual?
      WM: The sufferings of the age. The brutal exaggerated reality of life. My songs are the Coup de grâce. I am and always will be the title of this project - you can also research this fantastic German word and realise what i am, pursuing.

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